Grand On River is a former bank building in Detroit that is getting a renewed lease on life. Renovations are underway, and space is available for events.

Grand On River was originally built in 1927 as a branch of the Detroit Savings Bank. It was an active bank until the late 70’s. It served a few different purposes in the years after closing as a bank, including as a club, a church, and a museum of light in contemporary art. 

The space is a unique combination of extremes. There are aspects of the building that have gone seemingly untouched by time, and others that have suffered quite a bit of damage over the years. There are spaces with great natural light, while many others are without. From the second floor windows, you can see the downtown skyline, the Ambassador Bridge, and the top of the Fisher building all lit up at night. The only remaining windows on the first floor open up to a concrete and chain link enclosed patio.  

Grand On River is being used for a variety of things. We have a number of artists and builders using Grand On River as their studios. A few community groups used it as a meeting space, and there are a few interdisciplinary art show planned. The building has a personality of its own, and some things just seem to be a natural fit.

Expect more interdisciplinary shows from local, and perhaps visiting, artists at Grand On River.