Nylon 6 66 by John Sauve
May 19, 2017, 7 - 11 pm
Grand on River welcomes Detroit -based artist John Sauvé.  John Sauvé uses industrial plastic to create relief, free standing, pedestal, and outdoor sculpture.
“John Sauvé’s sculptures stem from a tradition in modern art of using found objects and industrially fabricated materials,” said Ute Weingarten, Art Historian, “Sauvé’s work incorporates elements of drawing, architecture, and print making. The transformation of prosaic materials into spectacular and beautiful forms suggests multiple readings ranging from issues of labor and industry to the human condition.”
The sculptures – some of which appear to be figurative, others abstract – also have an ominous aspect suggesting the proliferation and persistence of industrial waste. Over a dozen works will be presented at  Nylon 6 66: John Sauvé

The opening reception will be held on Friday May 19th at 7 PM at Grand on River located at 5001 Grand River Avenue Detroit, MI, 48208, 313-355-0554
 “Sauvé began his career making sculpture in the 1980s, and continues to emphasize the connections between life, movement, and his artworks. He is a highly talented artist, working with a difficult, tactile medium. The human-scale, industrious nature of his work in contrast to the pristine, clean marble of the building will be inspiring,” said Weingarten. “The sculptures are powerful and starkly contrast the space they will be in. This will be a strong exhibition and invoke strong reactions.”

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ATROPHY: Final Edition. 
May 13, 2017
Trista Dymond and Rachael Ahn Harbert bring you the fourth and FINAL installment of ATROPHY [spring edition]. 

This playful, non-verbal, interactive installation celebrates the intersection of nature's growth and decay processes. Collaborating participants [YOU] are encouraged to interact in both building and dismantling the environment. Natural materials that thrive during the spring season will be provided, however you may bring your own. Please avoid invasive/endangered species and sharp/potentially harmful materials (i.e. glass). 

* If you have seasonal allergies, taking an allergy pill or a dose of local honey before attending may be helpful :) 

We are looking forward to playing with you.

For the full experience, ATROPHY promptly begins at 6pm and ends at 8pm. Latecomers will not be turned away.

$5-$10 / Adults 
All ages welcome!

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Maker Mixer
​April 1st, 2017, 7 pm
Grand on River and Donut Shop will be hosting a Maker Mixer on Saturday, April 1st. Join Detroit area craftspeople and artists for drinks and light refreshments as we welcome spring back to the city! 

Feel free to bring or invite other craftspeople, makers, or advocates. Maker Mixer is a monthly event sponsored by the Center for Craft & Applied Arts and Design. Make. Detroit. 

Rashaun Rucker, Ruddy Roye, and Danny Wilcox Frazier at Documenting DETROIT
​October 29, 6 pm - 9 pm
Join us at Grand On River, a bank turned gallery space, for an evening of photography and conversation, featuring presentations by Rashaun Rucker, (Detroit Ruck) an award-winning photographer, visual artist, Deputy Director of Photo & Video at the Detroit Free Press, and documentary photographers Danny Wilcox Frazier, of Facing Change: Documenting America (FCDA) and VII Photo Agency, recipient of the Center for Documentary Studies/Honickman 1st Book Prize for “Driftless: Photographs from Iowa”, and Ruddy Roye, inspired by by the raw and gritty lives of grassroots people, especially those of his homeland of Jamaica, and strives to tell the stories of their victories and ills. Karah Shaffer and Alan Chin will moderate the panel discussion.

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The MicroMacro Art Biome
​October 14-16

The MicroMacro Art Biome is a 3-day pop-up art gallery featuring the work of 16 local and international artists/artistic groups. It is a multi-disciplinary event including film, dance, portraiture, installation, etc. All of the featured pieces were created specifically for the Biome, all focusing on the themes "Micro/Macro" and "Indigo." 

More information here

Friday 10/14
6pm Doors open, 11 pm close
7pm Place and Borrow a piece by Maya & Rouvelle                       8pm Q&A with the Artists
Refreshments & Mingling! 

Saturday 10/15
1pm Doors open, 10pm close
7pm Take Root a dance performance 

Sunday 10/16
1pm Doors open, 8pm close 

*Live musical performances by Jordan Reynolds will happen throughout each day*

Metabolism II
September 23rd
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CRISTIN RICHARD presents “METABOLISM II”. This marks the second in her experiential design series for the Detroit Design Festival, which launched last year in 2015.

“Metabolism II” is an intimate one night experience, utilizing performance, installation, and video. Additionally, it features soundscapes composed by Nate Czarling. Housed within one of Detroit’s architectural gems, Cristin Richard puts forth an interdisciplinary exhibition that explores the idea of our perception of the self and that of the other. 

Please arrive between the times of 6:00pm and 10:00pm to tour the presentation at your leisure. The building is located on the corner of Grand River and Warren, just outside of the Historic Woodbridge Neighborhood. Parking is available outside the building on both Grand River and Warren Avenues, and also on 17th Street.

Visit  www.cristinrichard.com  for more information on the artist.
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The Character of Physical Law 
August 13

Exploration of Ink Painting and Light Theremins